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Hi Mary,

I’m more than happy to give you a testimonial. Let me tell you about my story with BV.BV Straight Talk Testimonial

First off, I need to say thank you, I’ve been dealing with BV for a long time, actually, it seems like forever, over the last 2-1/2 years, I’ve been to my Doctor 7 times and she gave me a prescription for the same antibiotic every time, and yes, every time I took the medication, my BV infection would begin to subside, but I could never completely get rid of it. Always after a couple of weeks, it would come flying back at me in full force, then I started having UTI problems, as well as yeast infection problems.

I was disgusted, feeling slimy, smelly and yucky all the time, sex with my boyfriend was non-existent, who would feel like being intimate in this condition…Well anyway, to make a long story short, I bought your book and began using your advice.

It actually took less than a week to see my symptoms subside about 90%, then within another week, ALL of my symptoms were gone…YaY!!, It’s been a long haul learning to deal with BV, Mary, your book is wonderful, I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me, as well as my relationship…

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Cary Ann




Dear Friend, Did you know that three out of four women who are treated for bacterial vaginosis using conventional methods are suffering chronic reoccurrences, but you don’t have to be one of them. There’s a 100% natural, proven treatment for BV, and it doesn’t cost a fortune or take weeks to give you relief. I know this because I went through hell to discover what you’re about to learn in the next 5 minutes

Mary Malone - BV




Mary Malone


I know you’re here because you’re frustrated and embarrassed about what’s happening to you. You’re not alone, I suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis for nearly a year. Like you, I was embarrassed and self-conscious around my husband.  I was frustrated by having to mask that “fishy” smell with perfume or body spray.

I had no one to talk to because I didn’t understand what was wrong, why it was happening to me or what I could do about it. For a while I was just hoping it would go away, but when it didn’t, I knew I had to do something…I just didn’t know what.

So I spent dozens of sleepless nights surfing the internet, reading medical journals and searching women’s health forums. Sometimes till 3 am in the morning. When I learned that I had bacterial vaginosis, I did everything I could to become an expert on my condition. But the more I learned the more frustrated and insecure I became.


  • First, I discovered that 77% of women treated with Pharmaceutical Antibiotics were suffering reoccurrences within 6 months. The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre gave me that good news.
  • Next, I discovered that conventional antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria, making you defenseless against recurring attacks of BV and other fun female problems.
  • Next, I read about dozens of women whose second attack of BV (after being treated by antibiotics) was worse than the first. More discharge, worse odors, worse itching (I’ll tell you why in a moment, it’ll shock you).
  • Next, I read about a half a dozen women who spent several hundred dollars on pills, powders and potions that their doctors advised them to use…only to see no change in their condition
  • Finally, I read dozens of horrifying stories about women who had gone to their Dr, only to have their doctor treat BV like it wasn’t that big of a deal. Here’s a post I found on a woman’s health forum.


“She (the Doctor) just shrugged it off as if I’d told her I had bad body odor or a headache. I’ve had this for almost two years now…if my doctor won’t help me what can I do?”
…and another:Do Doctors take Bacterial Vaginosis seriously/
Unfortunately, doctors don’t really take BV seriously. They treat it like a minor condition or an inconvenience…as if it’s like having bad breath. My doctor advised me to ‘wash up good and practice good hygiene…as if I didn’t do that or something. I was furious. I’m convinced that doctors do this cause they really don’t know what to tell us.”
Based on my own revelation about how to treat BV, I think this woman was spot on. Doctors don’t know what else to tell us. In fact, in many cases what they advise just makes things worse…
The Truth about Conventional BV “Cures”…What Doctors Are Too Embarrassed to Tell You
Nothing against doctors, but unfortunately a lot of them have a chronic case of “have to be right’itis.” We’re also taught to assume they know what they’re talking about, but let’s be honest…
They’re human.  They can be wrong…and when they are, YOU can end up getting hurt.
You know for hundreds of years, well educated doctors believed that all sicknesses were in the blood. So they practiced something called “bloodletting.” That’s a nice way of saying “cutting someone and letting them bleed out the sickness.” The first President of the United States died of bloodletting. This madness didn’t stop until someone finally discovered the truth AND had the courage to tell the doctors that they were wrong.
Well here’s the truth about conventional BV treatments…
Vaginosis is caused by a bacterial infection, so naturally doctors prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria.


Sounds like a great idea right?
Only one problem…
Your body also has good bacteria in it. This good bacteria eats away at other disease causing organisms in places like your digestive system and your vagina. It keeps you from getting things like BV and yeast infections. Some doctors will tell you that the antibiotics will kill the bad bacteria first, so as long as you don’t take it for too long, it won’t harm you.
Not true.
Antibiotics not good for bacterial vaginosisMedical research reveals that antibiotics can’t discriminate between good and bad bacteria. They just seek and destroy, leaving you with neither good nor bad. So if your BV infection returns (which it will in three out of four cases), you’ll have NO good bacteria to defend yourself from the attack.
And that’s why the second BV attack, which usually comes within 3 months, is worse than the first. So if you’re reading this and you tried antibiotics with no results, there’s a good chance you killed a lot of good bacteria. Your BV might be about to get a lot worse, unless you know what to do next.
So I had uncovered all the bad news about BV…any good news?
Yes there is, and I discovered it just before losing all hope…
BV Was Tearing My Life Apart…I Knew I Had to Do Something

I discovered my own cure for BV at just the right time. 

I hadn’t been intimate with my husband for nearly a month, but I was too ashamed to say why. Of course, he didn’t know why and I guess his imagination got the best of him cause he started to be untrusting of me…as if I were hiding something. We started growing apart and I knew if I didn’t do something fast I might lose him.
I felt so alone, so insecure and so desperate that I was willing to try anything…but I was sooo afraid of making things worse. Then I talked to a friend who was into natural cures and was a nutrition expert.
She’d never had BV before, but that didn’t surprise me.
She’d also never had UTI. She’d never had a yeast infection and she hadn’t gotten the flu in the three years that I’d known her. While she didn’t tell me exactly what to do, she told me just what I needed to make my miraculous discovery…


In the End, It Was One Simple, Natural Solution that Gave Me Back My Life
Ever had one of those moments when you were trying to “get” something for days, weeks or even months, then you discovered the one insight that made it all make sense?
That’s what this meeting with my friend was like.
I was so excited that I left her house early and went home to my study to plan my next move. Long story short, I’d stumbled on an idea for a natural solution that I used to wipe out my BV in less than a week. It worked…and I waited…
After three days of being free of BV,  my confidence came back. I finally had the courage to tell my husband, and our relationship was instantly better.
Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. 
My BV never came back.
No discharge, no fishy smell, no itching, no more insecurity.
Then, one Sunday afternoon I sat down at the desk in my home office and started gathering up all the notes I’d taken about BV. I was tired of looking at them and glad I didn’t need them anymore. As I was carrying the box out to the trash, my husband stopped me…
“You know you might want to keep those, you never know when someone else might need them.”
Wow, he was right. Why burn up all my time and energy and money collecting this information just to throw it in the trash?  Medical journals which contain this information cost up to $10k a year for a prescription. Some women struggle with this condition for years before they discover these simple, proven secrets for permanently curing bacterial vaginosis.
The herbal product market is jam packed with “solutions” which cost you $79 a month or more…that’s almost $1,000 a year. Most of them don’t even work, or only provide partial relief. A single doctor visit and prescription (for a medicine that fails 3 out of 4 times) will cost you $200.
And take it from someone who spent about 120 hours researching this stuff online…
…when you leave this site, 9 out of ten of the next websites you visit will contain generic information written by a freelance writer who was hired to help the website owner get their “make money online” or “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” ads in front of you.
Your BV misery stops here…in just a few seconds you’ll have your hands on my book, BV Straight Talk with loads of 100%, unbiased, no-hype secrets for permanently getting rid of bacterial vaginosis.
NO drugs, pills, powders or “magic” potions
NO $200 doctor visits or dangerous antibiotics
NO “Go Green” herbal remedies that cost more than your monthly cell phone bill.
Instead, within 24 hours you’ll know more about BV than most doctors do.

Here’s how…

BV Straight Talk: The 100% Natural, 3 Day Cure for Wiping Out Bacterial Vaginosis FOREVER.”


  • Many BV cases are directly or indirectly caused by your diet…you’ll BV Straighttalk bookdiscover which foods irritate bacterial vaginosis and make you more susceptible to it so you can “BV Proof” your eating habits
  • One out of four pregnant women get BV…but you’ll learn the real dangers of BV and pregnancy, and how you can protect yourself and your baby for a safe pregnancy.
  • Most women spend hundreds of dollars treating BV…but you’ll learn three over the counter products that can wipe out BV in less than a week and which cost less than the price of coffee.
  • You’ll learn which drinks impact the health of your vagina and which ones will promote a healthy vagina.
  • You’ll discover which two ingredients are probably sitting in your kitchen right now that are making it impossible for you to be free of BV.
  • You’ll learn one thing you should NEVER  do…even when your doctor tells you to.
  • You’ll learn which feminine  products to NEVER use, again…you probably already used one of these this morning
  • You’ll learn how certain conditions of your lifestyle can make you even more vulnerable than other women, and how a few effortless changes can make a world of difference in your feminine health.
  • You’ll learn why some ethnicities are far more prone to BV than others and how you can customize your diet, lifestyle AND BV prevention plan for YOU.
  • You’ll discover what time of month you’re most vulnerable to BV (and it’s probably not the time you’re thinking) and how you can plan for it.




I saw my first results within two days of getting BV Straight Testimonial for bvstraighttalkTalk. I couldn’t believe it, I [BV Straight Talk Testimonial] had been having issues with BV for over 8 months, the worse was the fishy smell and the itching.


Within one day of doing what the book told me to, the fishy smell was almost gone and the itching, I hardly felt anymore. Within a week, I wasn’t having any problems anymore, to this day, no more BV and that was over 4 months ago…I’m a fan, thanks Mary Malone….


Shelly K…







Well, I’m not much for leaving testimonials for stuff on the Bv straight talk bacterial vaginosis cure testimonialInternet, but Mary promised me that we could keep it anonymous, so here goes.


I just need to tell anybody out there that is suffering from bacterial vaginosis like I was that the information in this book “BV Straight Talk” is second to none.


I was really blown away by everything I learned and how fast I was able to get my own BV under control. I was amazed, I hadn’t been to a Doctor myself because I had read online that antibiotics could do more harm than good when dealing with BV, so I decided to take a chance on Mary’s book.


I’m glad I did, I’m feeling so much better now and all of my symptoms are totally gone. I had a big problem with nasty discharge and odor. I’m happy to say that is no longer MY problem. As far as I’m concerned, I am totally cured and it only took about a week from start to finish…


Would I recommend that you get this book, you bet I would, you would be crazy not to in my opinion…




Best yet, you’ll help me spread the TRUTH that our doctors are too embarrassed to tell us.
Now my husband thinks I’m crazy, he wants me to sell this for $199 since you’d pay at least that just to see a doctor (I think he’s also itching to pay down some student loans lol)
But, I made a deal with him.
I’d raise the price to $199, but first…
I want to give the first 100 women a 75% discount. To help as many women as I can and to get the word out that you, as a woman you DO NOT have to put up with bacterial vaginosis.
I’m practically giving this valuable information away for $37 for something that will give you your life back in less than a week and save you hundreds of dollars in bogus prescriptions, fruitless doctor visits and worthless herbal “remedies.”
I’ve already had 67 women before you take me up on my offer, so there are only 33 of these special deals left until I cave into my husbands wishes and start charging a whole lot more.
Let’s make you one of those 33 women. Let’s get YOU free of this BV once and for all and let’s cut through the crap cake that’s being fed to millions of women…even as you’re reading this. More than 29% of women between the ages of 14 and 49 get BV at least once. That’s over 21 million women.


One of these women could be a friend of yours or a family member, it could happen to them this year.


Let’s make YOU the one they turn to for help.
My book is waiting for you on the next page, just click the “add to cart” button below and you’ll be taken to a secure order form. Within seconds, you’ll have your hands on everything that cost me dozens of frustrating, sleepless nights to discover.

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Oh, and if anytime within the next 60 days you’re not blown away by what you learnBV straight talk guarantee AND by the results, email me at MaryMalone @ BVStraightTalk.Com and I’ll reverse the charge AND let you keep everything, BV Straight Talk, as well as the free bonuses, Yeast Infection Myths and Conquering Cellulite…  .
Last thing…
Thought These Might Interest You: No More Cellulite, No More Yeast Infections
Because BV and yeast infections are often confused with each other, I learned just about everything there is to know about yeast infections.
In fact, I was talking to my OB/GYN about this and he said:

“Wow, you know more about this than most of the guys I went to school with.”

That gave me another great idea…

Wacky Yeast Infection Myths
“Yeast Infection Myths”.

“Yeast Infection Myths”, will help you understand how BV and yeast infections are similar and dissimilar and how you can treat vaginosis and yeast infections simultaneously.

Good news for you, I didn’t tell my husband about this one, so it’s yours free.

Finally, one of the most perplexing and embarrassing of all woman’s issues, cellulite can be conquered.  I’ve got my friend Ann to thank for this…she used to have the worst cellulite I’ve ever seen. Now she’s 47 and has an ass that would make the prom queen green with envy.

I told her about BV Straight Talk, she suggested I interview her and tell my readers how she did it.  So behold…

Conquering Cellulite Free Bonus
“Conquering Cellulite Naturally”

One ebook, 12 audio file downloads.

100% free with your order of BV Straight Talk.

It’s all waiting for you on the next page, along with your one way ticket out of BV hell and into a secure, fresh feeling body and a smokin’ sex life (yeah, I know that one’s killin’ ya). Time to get that groove back honey…

Bv Straight Talk Ebook
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PS: Too many women have been treated for bacterial vaginosis only to have their treatment fail completely and the BV to return within a few months. Too many women spend hours and hours being bounced around like a pinball between websites full of generic fluff and contradicting advice. Too many women live in shame of their bodies, wondering if they’ll ever feel fresh and sexy again.

Last chance, those last 33 orders are gonna come fast and I’ve got to keep my promise to my hubby.

Option one: click the back button, grope around in the darkness of cyberspace for a few hours…hope you stumble on a few of these secrets by trial and error. 

Option two: take a gamble on another antibiotic or pay your doctor $200 to tell you something you probably already know.

Option three: click “add to cart”  below, save yourself the time, the money and the heartache and be permanently cured of BV in less than a week.

Bv Straight Talk Ebook

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BV Straight Talk Risk Free
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Talk Soon,
Mary M.






Ok, I just want to say WOW, I’ve had bacterial vaginosis for over 4 years. I triedBV Straight Talk Testimonial - 4 everything, of course I went to the DR. about a hundred times, problably not that many, but it sure seems like it.


It never did any good for long and caused all kinds of other issues having to do with taking too many antibiotics.


I decided to take a chance on Mary’s book, BV Straight Talk and I’ve never looked back. 4 years of BV hell was enough for me, thanks Mary, I feel like you gave me my life back again…


No more BV for me, going on 3 months now!!

Joann R …

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